Coventor SARL (COV), France
Contact :
Gerold Schropfer

Coventor is a leading provider of 3-D analysis and design automation software for the development of micro- and nano-scale devices and systems. Coventor's products include system-level to physical-level modelling and simulation solutions for different industries.  Its design tools and solutions have been used for the past 15 years by most of the leading MEMS device makers in the world (11 of the top 15 as of the end of 2009) and are helping fuel robust growth in the MEMS industry. The focus of Coventor’s European development center is based in the south of Paris. The focus of development is around system-level MEMS design and Design for Manufacturability of multi-domain microsystems. Coventor is a SME.

To address the challenge of MEMS-IC co-design, Coventor has recently released the MEMS design platform MEMS+, allowing the MEMS designers to work in an intuitive 3-D environment that suits their needs and yet easily deliver parameterized behavioral models that are compatible with the design and simulation environment required by IC designers and system architects. In order to provide full system solutions for its customers, Coventor has put in place joint development partnerships with Cadence and other major software companies. The company has also tools for virtual manufacturing of MEMS and other semi-conductor like processes. Over the last years, Coventor developed design kits with major MEMS manufacturers such as XFAB, DALSA or IMEC.

Coventor successfully participated in the past in a number of EC funded projects in frame of FP5, FP6 and FP7 such as MIPA, INTEGRAM, CEMEMS, RETINA, INTEGRAMplus, MicroBUILDER, CORONA, PiezoVolume and very recently also the ENIAC project PARSIMO.


Resources: Coventor is a fabless developer of software. The main hardware are computers. For manufacturing and characterization the company has established partnerships with MEMS manufacturers.


Dr. Gerold Schröpfer is director of Coventor’s European operations and the worldwide foundry partner program. He has large experience MEMS design and technologies. Since 2001 he is at Coventor, where he started in the design service group to develop CMOS- integrated RF MEMS processes (now commercialized by WiSpry). Prior Gerold was working at Sensitec (Germany) and SensorNor (Norway) where he was a key contributor to MEMS sensors for tire-pressure-monitoring-systems (>300M sensors made). Gerold has German diploma degrees in physics and economics and a PhD-degree in microengineering from Universities of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and Besançon (France). He has authored or co-authored 80+ papers, obtained several awards, such as “Prix de la Nanotechnologie”, “Kitakyushu Mechatronics Avard” or “Heraeus Preis”, and is frequently invited at conferences to give talks on MEMS related design and CAD tools.


Dr. Gunar Lorenz is director system-level design, PhD-degree in MEMS system modelling in 1999 from the University in Bremen, Germany. One of the scientific pioneers in MEMS behavioural modelling, he is since ten years at Coventor and currently responsible for the development of mixed-technology system models for different MEMS applications. Gunar received the award for the best paper presentation on custom design at the Cadence Live conferences in 2009 and 2010. Piror Gunar was working for 3 years at Bosch research, Germany.

Dr. Aurelie Cruau is project and application engineer. She obtained a degree in electrical engineering from the Paris ESIEE. Her PhD thesis was devoted to the design and fabrication of novel RF MEMS variable capacitors. She joined Coventor in 2006.