Publications and Conferences


  • A Q-Band RF-MEMS Absorptive SPST in a BiCMOS Technology

M. Kaynak, W. Zhang, M. Wietstruck, B. Tillack
13th Symposium on RF-MEMS and RF-Microsystems (MEMSWAVE 2012), Antalya, July 03 - 04, 2012, Turkey


  • BiCMOS Embedded RFMEMS Technology (Workshop Talk)

M. Kaynak
The 7th German Microwave Conference (GeMiC 2012), Ilmenau, March 12, 2012, Germany


  • BiCMOS Embedded RF-MEMS Technology and Application of it in mm-Wave Reconfigurable ICs (Workshop Talk)

M. Kaynak, B. Tillack
Analogschaltungen 2012, TU Berlin, March 22 - 23, 2012, Germany


  • Capacitance Tuning Behavior of a BiCMOS Embedded RF-MEMS Switch

M. Kaynak, M. Wietstruck, W. Zhang, R. Scholz, B. Tillack
Novel RF MEMS Technologies, (Series in Micro and Nanoengineering ; 20)/ Ed: G. Papaioanou u.a., Bucuresti: Editura, Academiei Romane, 93 (2012)


  • Latest Developments on SiGe Technology and RFMEMS-BiCMOS Co-Integration (Invited Talk)

M. Kaynak
GigaHertz 2012 Symposium, Stockholm, March 06 - 07, 2012, Sweden


  • MEMS-BiCMOS Integration and on-Chip Antennas for mm-Wave Application (Workshop Talk)

M. Kaynak
RF-MEMS Based Antennas Workshop, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, June, 29, 2012, Turkey


  • Packaged BiCMOS Embedded RF-MEMS Switches with Integrated Inductive Loads

M. Kaynak(1), M. Wietstruck(1), W. Zhang(1), J. Drews(1), R. Barth(1), D. Knoll(1), F. Korndörfer(1), R. Scholz(1), K. Schulz(1), C. Wipf(1), B. Tillack,(1)(2) K. Kaletta(3), M. v. Suchodoletz(3), K. Zoschke(3), M. Wilke(3), O. Ehrmann(3), A. C. Ulusoy(4), T. Purtova(4), G. Liu(4) H. Schumacher(4)
International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2012), Montreal, June 17 - 22, 2012, Canada


  • RF-MEMS Switch Module in a 0.25 μm BiCMOS Technology

M. Kaynak, M. Wietstruck, W. Zhang, J. Drews, R. Scholz, D. Knoll, F. Korndörfer, C. Wipf, K. Schulz, M. Elkhouly, K. Kaletta, M. v. Suchodoletz, K. Zoschke, M. Wilke, O. Ehrmann, V. Mühlhaus, G. Liu, T. Purtova, A. C. Ulusoy, H. Schumacher, B. Tillack
Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits on RF Systems (SiRF 2012), Santa Clara, January 16 - 18, 2012, USA


  • Participation to the MEMSWAVE conference, 2-4 July 2012, Antalya, Turkey.

Alexandre Mehdaoui1, Gerold Schröpfer1, Gunar Lorenz1, Mehmet Kaynak2, Matthias Wietstruck2 , New Methodology for Process Design Kit (PDK) of BiCMOS compatible RF MEMS’, 13th International Symposium on RF MEMS and RF Microsystems, MEMSWAVE 2012, Turkey.

1COVENTOR Sarl, 91140 Villebon sur Yvette, France

2IHP, 15236 Frankfurt (Oder), Germany


  • Participation to the workshop GeMic

Participation to the workshop GeMic 2012, German Microwave Conference, 12-14 March 2012, University of Technology, Ilmenau.

Title: RF MEMS in mm-wave reconfigurable ICs



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