WP3 - Fabrication of Al2O=, GaNSiC, GaAs, Si and SiGe based RF-MEMS circuits and Packaging


Development of RF-MEMS embedded Al2O3 (Ceramic), GaN/SiC and GaAs technologies and
fabrication/delivery of the RF-MEMS embedded ICs for Demonstrator1 and Demonstrator 2.

Development of new nanostructured materials and integration with MEMS technology processes:
optimization of the PZT/Y2O3 dielectric based technology to get the performances of switched

Determination of the dielectric, electrical properties in relation with the structural and
microstructural properties. Control of the fabrication of aligned Carbon Nanotubes within the Si3N4
dielectric thin layer. Full characterization in terms of dielectric, electrical and thermal properties-
Development of RF-MEMS embedded Al2O3 Reflect Array Cells and fabrication of RF-MEMS
embedded Al2O3 ICs for Demo#1.

Development of RF-MEMS embedded 0.13μm SiGe BiCMOS technology for 94 and 140GHz and fabrication/delivery of RF-MEMS embedded ICs for Demonstrator 2 and 3. Modeling/Design-kit implementation and Co-Simulation of developed RF-MEMS switches. Package development/integration of RF-MEMS switches. Fabrication of the subsystems for the MIMO-radar