TopGaN Ltd. (TOPGAN), Poland
Contact :
Michał Leszczyński

TopGaN Ltd
is a spin-off company from the Institute of High Pressure Physics Unipress. The institute still holds around 35 % of TopGaN’s shares, while the rest belong to private investors and technology founders. Besides the laser diodes, TopGaN delivers nitride epi-layers used for constructing LEDs, transistors, detectors and many others.

TopGaN employs 2 professors, 4 senior scientists in material science and physics, 11 engineers, 2 technicians. Additionally, 5 PhD students carry on research on the improvement of TopGaN products.

TopGaN leases from Unipress 600 m2 clean-room facility equipped with the high-pressure GaN growth reactors, 5 epitaxy reactors and full laser diode processing line, as well as a number of characterization equipment.

Unipress/TopGaN made their first LD in 2001, but since then TopGaN decreased radically the technology gap in epitaxy and processing to Japanese companies and has become the forth manufacturer of GaN-based LDs (after Nichia, Sony, Sanyo).

The most important success of TopGaN are:

(i) The blue LD highest power of 4 W during the 50 ns pulses.

(ii) The world-first laser diode made by plasma-enhanced molecular beam epitaxy (PA MBE) that not only opens many new technological possibilities (low temperature, no ammonia used), but also makes TopGaN technology independent from Japanese patents.

(iii) 200 mW continuous wave LDs.

All TopGaN technologies (GaN substrates, epitaxy and processing) are well protected by international patents.



  • Manufacturing line of GaN substrates.
  • 3 MOVPE systems.
  • 2 MBE systems.
  • Semiconductor processing.
  • Semiconductor characterization lab.


Prof. Dr. Mike Leszczynski is a vice-president of TopGaN and a head of R&D department. Co-employed by the Institute Unipress, experience in semiconductor technology gained in Italian, French, German and American laboratories. He is an author of more than 250 scientific papers, 6 patents, vice-president of Polish Crystal Growth Society.


Prof. Dr Piotr Perlin, head of Processing Dept., co-employed by Unipress, experience gained in the US labs (3 years), author of 200 papers, 5 patents.