THALES Air Système SA (TR6), France

Contact :
Philippe Eudeline

THALES AIR SYSTEMS previously named THOMSON-CSF AIRSYS, was set up on December 1, 1995 as a wholly owned subsidiary of THALES (previously named THOMSON-CSF) with responsibility for the group's businesses in detection systems, air defense, battlefield surveillance and missile systems. THALES AIR  SYSTEMS (TR6) designs and produces equipment and systems to guarantee airspace security in peacetime, crisis and war. We draw on 50 years of experience within the THALES Group

Recognized strengths:

  • World - wide presence in 140 countries
  • Permanent international teaming experience
  • Technological excellence and capacity for innovation
  • Complex system engineering


In TR6, The Activities are:

  • Conception, realization and installation of radar system
  • Technical and technology choice
  • Research and development


Resources: For the design of the microwave circuits, TR6 has already acquired numerous competences and means in the field of the use of simulation and measurements:

  • The linear and non-linear simulation and system simulation (ADS)
  • The electromagnetic 3D simulation (HFSS, Maxwell)
  • The thermal simulation (TAS)

Furthermore, tests benches were developed to estimate the performances of RF circuits in pulsed conditions. Some of the different specifics test benches concern the load pull, the pulse-to-pulse stability and the thermal measurement.

These acquired competences and the test benches will be used to perform the different specific measurements allocated to TR6 in the NANOTEC program.

Details of the used methodologies, test benches and their architectures are TR6 background property and will not be up graded or modified during the NANOTEC program (not any study concerning the test benches and the measurements methodologies).


Dr Michel Stanislawiak received Ph.D. degree in microwave from the Department of Electronics Engineering at CNRS-IEMN (Institut d'Electronique et de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie) in 1998. He joined TAS in 1998. His main activities areas are the development, design, fabrication, and characterization of the transmit/receive channel for the radar application and especially the design of the high power amplification with the Wide Band Gap technology such as the GaN. He tries to quantify the achievable contribution of this technology with regard to the existing technologies as Si, GaAs


Mr Philippe Eudeline:

Born: 13/01/56 in Honfleur (FRANCE). Education: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Electronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA). Field: Microwave. Graduation: Engineer Positions held:

1978: THOMSON-CSF DFH. Start of industrial career in the Test Department; industrialization and test of new microwave systems.

1984: ALCATEL ATFH. Group leader at Microelectronic Department; test of microwave subassemblies.

1988: THOMSON-CSF SDC. Group leader at Industrial Department. Design and test of solid state power transmitter.

1991: THOMSON-CSF SDC / AIRSYS. Manager at R/D Department. Design and test of microwave subassemblies.

2002: THALES AIR DEFENCE. Technical director of the TU Microwave.